New PHANTASM V: Ravager Teaser Should Make Fans Tasm

"Gaze long into the tasm, the tasm will gaze back into you." - EB White

This has already been online a number of hours, which in Internet terms means it was just the last Civil War veteran to die and we all enjoyed a respectable parade (no candy). But I still can't believe that just the other day a new Phantasm movie was mere fantasy, and today a new Phantasm film has a trailer (brought to us by the extremely prestigious Entertainment Weekly).

As Phantasm fans, what do you think? I see that Reggie guy as well as that Tall guy, and the whole thing ends on one giant metal ball in the sky. So it's definitely some Phantasm. But it also looks really cheap. Don Coscarelli wrote and oversaw the film but did not actually direct it himself. That honor fell to one David Hartman. Or maybe two David Hartmen.

At this point, Phantasm V: Ravager has no release date. But I bet I'm not the only one who makes it a point to watch the whole series in anticipation. There might be one other guy.