Dayo Okeniyi Joins The Cast Of TERMINATOR: GENESIS

Looks like this film finally has its full cast.

Dayo (that's actually his middle name - his real first name is "Mesay") Okeniyi has beaten John Boyega for a major role in the upcoming Terminator: Genesis. Just in case you were starting to get excited about the film, he will be playing Danny Dyson, son of Miles Dyson. I think last time we saw him he was but a mere toddler. But even then we could tell he would have a major role to play in whatever bullshit comes next. 'Twas fate.

You may know Okeniyi from The Hunger Games, which I've seen but don't remember, or The Spectacular Now, which I totally remember not seeing. I have no idea if he's a good actor or not, so feel free to sound off on that score in the comments.

But there's more! According to the Deadline article which gifted this casting news into my hands like Excalibur, Terminator: Genesis Parts 2 and 3 are going to to film all at once starting a couple of years ago (the should be finishing it up in just a couple days, so long as no one traveled back in time and screwed up their shoot). So this is probably going to be a huge trilogy regardless of how Terminator: Genesis 1 does. Speaking of that film, it now stars Mesay Dayo Okeniyi and begins shooting in Louisianna shortly. I am so very excited to see what Old Arnold looks like in various artificial ages.