Here Is a Clip from ANIMAL, Drew Barrymore’s Horror Movie

I'm scared.

In her spare time, Drew Barrymore has apparently been executive producing horror movies, like this one, called Animal, about a group of friends who get stranded in a cabin in the woods (of course) and find themselves chased by a mysterious predator (duh). One of those friends is Eve, the rapper who also starred in Whip It, Barrymore's directorial debut which was actually a really good movie.

Let's all grab a copy of Whip It and light some candles and chant "Whip It was actually a really good movie, Whip It was actually a really good movie," because Animal looks like a really, really bad movie. It also stars Joey Lauren Adams, who used to be in some Kevin Smith movies, and who, like Barrymore, also had to give the performance of a lifetime as "blonde Adam Sandler love interest" once when she was in Big Daddy.

Anyway, Animal will have a limited theatrical and VOD run before it premieres on the Chiller network, which sounds about right, since this thing only has slightly more going for it in the looks and personality department than a SyFy channel original movie.

As a longtime Drew Barrymore defender, not even I can find something about this to defend. She also recently executive produced a found footage horror film about Bigfoot called Happy Camp which I hear is totally awful. Girlfriend is making some choices lately. Have you seen the trailer for Blended, which reunites her with Adam Sandler? I love The Wedding Singer. I have been known to dabble in defending 50 First Dates (shut up, it's cute, and it makes me hope that if I ever have a car accident, it's while listening to The Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize?"). But Drew Barrymore is going to some dark places where not even I can defend her right now.

Just remember that Whip It was actually a really good movie, and if you have HBO Go, you should watch that Grey Gardens movie she was in because she's really amazing in it as Little Edie Beale -- homegirl saw a speech therapist to unlearn her cutesy side-mouth way of talking and fought damn hard for that role, and proved why she deserved it. I'm just saying, let's think of all the good things Drew Barrymore has given us and we'll get through this dark time together. Somehow.