Peter Dinklage Joins The Struggle To Make PIXELS Even Harder To Hate

How are we supposed to unfairly pre-judge this goddamn movie, guys?

For those who don't know, Pixels is an upcoming movie in which a group of badass video game players must save New York City when a bunch of video game villains somehow break out of their game world and raise a ruckus. As far as high concept movie plots go, this one sounds pretty awesome.

But it's also an Adam Sandler movie. So now we have to take our excitement down a couple notches and pray that this is one of those rare good Adam Sandler movies (like That's My Boy!) and not a cool premise that gets wasted on lame old lady sex jokes and endless mugging (like That's My Boy!).

Help is on the way, however, as The Wrap reports Peter Dinklage is in final talks to join the film, which also stars Kevin James and Josh Gad. Assuming Dinklage does join, we have yet another notch on the plus side for this one.

Pixels is supposed to be a big, tentpole-scaled film, not just a middle-range comedy, so we're definitely going to be hearing a lot about it in the future. Hopefully it doesn't squander the premise, because I would be so happy watching what's basically a Ghostbusters redo but revolving around video games.