THE PURGE 2 Trailer: This Time With Purging

Frank Grillo gets vengeance in the followup to last year's home invasion hit.

I liked James DeMonaco's The Purge fairly well. It had some very interesting ideas about economic inequality in a world where, once a year, all violence is legal for a twelve-hour period. The rich can afford to protect themselves in impenetrable fortresses, while the poor must try to survive a night of free-for-all violence.

Unfortunately, the film didn't adequately explore those ideas in what ended up being yet another perfectly serviceable home invasion flick. So I remain interested in The Purge: Anarchy. Frank Grillo's taking the action out into the streets, at least - and I like the idea of an honorable man facing the horror of The Purge in order to win vengeance against some past wrong. The scope looks bigger, the wealth disparity angle seems to be addressed, and I'm happy to see the film is following a few different characters' storylines. Conceptually, this is looking more like what I hoped The Purge would be.

We'll see on July 18, when The Purge: Anarchy hits screens.