The MY GIRL Video Game Is Just As Tragic As You’d Expect


I was a little old for My Girl when it came out; as a trying-to-be-cool 18 year old i had no time for kiddie sweetness. It wasn't until a couple of years later when I happened across it on HBO on some lazy Saturday afternoon that I was gobsmacked by the movie's profoundly sad ending. Now all I remember of the film is the end. "Put on his glasses! He can't see without his glasses!"

Excuse me, I got a little verklempt. 

The My Girl video game captures the magic of that film's tragic inevitability in a side-scrolling fashion (the instructions include "Accept Your Fate"). You're Macauley Culkin, and you're fleeing bees. You can keep away from them for a while, but eventually the stings begin to add up, and...

With a scoring system this game would be amazing - maybe a timer where we could compete for longest times we've kept Mac alive? As it stands now it's pretty cool, and I have to admit the kill screen kind of got to me.

Click here to play.