Finally A PINK PANTER Movie For Dumb Kids

This was probably inevitable.

When I was a stupid kid and Pink Panther movies would come on television, I'd get really excited by the cartoon openings, then super disappointed when it turned into a real movie filled with old people. Now that I'm a stupid adult, I know better. But I still can't think about Pink Panther films without returning to that feeling of profound disappointment.

Now the movie world is finally going to give stupid kids what they want. The Hollywood Reporter reporters that a new Pink Panther movie is on the way. Rather than star a depressingly awful Steve Martin, it will be a live-action/CG hybrid thing.

David Silverman, director of The Simpsons Movie, will direct the film. Fellow Simpsons alumni Michael Price may end up writing it. Walter Mirisch and Julie Andrews will produce, but I don't believe they had much to do with The Simpsons. I also find it extremely difficult to believe I will ever see this film.