SEX TAPE Red Band Trailer Really Wants You To Laugh At The F Word

Red Band and yet somehow totally harmless.

Sex Tape looks like one of the more relatable comedies to come out in a while because who hasn't made a sex tape and had a mischievous ghost send it into the cloud while you sleep so that all your friends, colleagues, and family members can watch you getting it on? It's become the ultimate middle-aged ice breaker story.

So they made a movie about it. To ensure no one gets confused about the premise, it's just called Sex Tape. And since no one wants to watch a PG-13 movie about sex tapes, they released a Red Band trailer filled with a form of joke where characters say something extremely regular but add the word "fuck" in there somewhere. See, that's a funny word.

Sex Tape stars Cameron Diaz and a series of muscles that used to be Jason Segel. It comes out July 25.