Shailene Woodley Doesn’t Sound Psyched To Come Back To SPIDER-MAN

The DIVERGENT star doesn't know if she'll be in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3, and maybe she doesn't want to be.

Shailene Woodley was cast as Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The internet freaked out because so many of the fans are horrible, dismal human beings whose souls are filled with the black tar of ignorance and misogyny and they felt Woodley - a beautiful young woman ascending to movie star status - wasn't pretty enough to play the part. And then she got cut out of the movie entirely after her role was shot. I hated that because it made these miserable sacks of shit feel like they won, and the idea of these people ever knowing a momentary taste of success of any kind wounds me. 

But I've now seen 30 minutes of the film and I guess it's okay that she's cut out because I don't know how this movie could be less than two and a half hours as is, let alone with an MJ subplot. But Mary Jane will return to the screen, and we can guess it's in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (especially as so many are guessing Gwen Stacy bites it this outing). Will it be Shailene again? Total Film asked her at the Divergent junket:

 "I have no idea and I don't know that I'd even want to do two franchises at this point, having been through this."

And who can blame her? She's the lead in Divergent, while she was shuffled out of the girlfriend (to-be) role in Spidey and was attacked endlessly online during filming. I'd wash my hands of the whole thing if I were here as well. And while Divergent apparently isn't very good, it isn't like the new Spider-Man films are setting the world on fire with quality either.