Badass Podcast #10: The 27 Sexiest People Cosplaying As Ninja Turtles

Evan and Devin return with a new episode of the Padcast! It's not dead.

Well look what we have here. It's another episode of the Badass Padcast Podcast - number 10 if I'm right (I'm likely not). Sorry for the delay - I discuss some of the reason why at the top of the episode. Most of this show is a discussion of Noah, and we get spoilery, so beware. We also touch (non-spoilery) on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And we spoil all the violence in The Grand Budapest Hotelso be warned about that (although you totally should have seen that by now!). 

Good news: we are getting back on Skype tomorrow to record an entire episode about The Winter Soldier, which will run Sunday. That'll be all spoilers, so see the movie Friday or Saturday!

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