My God, That’s A Shitload Of EXPENDABLES 3 Posters

The boys (and girls) have a fun time shooting their Senior photos. Up next: Prom!

It's almost time for the Expendables 3 ad stuff to begin in earnest (sadly neither he nor his companion, Vern, are slated to appear in the film). We've seen a weird teaser where they crew does a little curtain call as if performing in an elementary school play. But that was nothing.

Now it's time to get some character posters. A lot of character posters. Because there are a lot of characters. And in the weirdly girly spirit of the teaser, these appear to be fun and happy Behind the Scenes photos from a pleasant afternoon at your local mall's Glamour Shots. I love this movie already.

Here they are in no particular order. I found them compiled at /Film, but they come from various places such as IGN, JoBlo, Coming Soon, Collider, and the secret box under your mom's bed. They are all special in their own way. But I feel the Harrison Ford and Kelsey Grammer ones are especially magnificent.