TERMINATOR: GENESIS Gets Three New Cast Members

There will be people you recognize in this movie!

This news actually came out yesterday, but I didn't know if it was true or just a dumb April Fools' joke. Looking at it now, there's really nothing weird or exciting enough to trick anyone other than really really huge Byung-hun Lee fans. I'm not sure how many of those actually exist in the world or how gullible they are in general.

Nevertheless, it appears to be true that Byung-hun Lee, super Korean heartthrob, will appear in Terminator: Genesis. His role is apparently a secret. Maybe he's this film's sleek new Terminator. If true, I sincerely hope they give him an Austrian accent as well.

Mad Men's Michael Gladis and House of Cards' Sandrine Holt have also joined the cast. Gladis' role is still unknown, but Holt will play a police officer who arrests Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese in the future. So she's a future cop. With this movie I honestly have no idea what makes something a spoiler.