THE EXPENDABLES 3 Gets An Expendable Trailer

Yesterday's posters. Now in motion!

After yesterday's avalanche of character posters, we finally have a new Expendables 3 trailer. And it goes a little something like this:

Action shots. Roll call in which each person smiles and shakes their head as though the person they're looking at just said something wacky. Wesley Snipes quip. The end.

Actually there's more than that. For one, the onscreen text indicates that this will be the final Expendables film. I can't remember if we knew that all along or if it's new information. Meanwhile, the font used the trailer kind of recalls the Fast & Furious font, which really hammers home how this is sort of the shitty Bizarro version of that almost miraculously better franchise. It makes one thankful and appreciative.

But more than anything, we see that minor inconveniences like plot and character still mean nothing against highly generic action and recognizable faces giving generic reactions to whatever just exploded. I think I liked the posters better.