Read An Interview With Evan And Meredith About Evan’s Book!

Meredith asked Evan some questions about MADEA LIVES! A FILM-BY-FILM GUIDE TO LOVING TYLER PERRY.

I'm feeling super lucky today because I got to interview everyone's favorite dude Evan for the great site LitReactor, an online interactive community for readers and writers. The topic? Naturally, Evan's fantastic Tyler Perry book, Madea Lives! A Film-by-Film Guide to Loving Tyler Perry. Have you bought this book yet, badasses? I hope you have, and if not, DO IT. DO IT RIGHT NOW

. (Unless you're waiting for the iTunes version, in which case, uhm, give us a sec. We'll announce as soon as that's ready.)

And head over to LitReactor to read my interview with him. Here's a snippet: 

At what point, and with what film, did you realize you were seeing something in Tyler Perry's work that other people missed?

Watching Diary of a Mad Black Woman for the first time was a truly jaw-dropping experience. As a character, Madea fascinated me immediately, but there's so much more going on there. I mean, Tyler Perry builds everything up to a relatively typical conclusion only to suddenly add a superfluous fourth act in which our heroine abandons her romantic narrative to literally torture a paralyzed man. I had never seen something so egregiously wrong before and I found it totally thrilling. It wasn't just bad filmmaking. That would be boring. It was something far more unique and interesting than that.

Read the whole interview here!