It's your discussion space for the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe release.

It's finally out everywhere - Captain America: The Winter Soldier is playing in a theater near you and is on target to be a huge box office success. But does that mean it's any good?

I certainly thought so, and you can read my review right here. In fact I think it's the best Marvel movie to date, and it shows that this universe is growing in great, unexpected ways - and that they're not afraid to shake things up. 

There's a lot I loved about the film, but maybe my favorite part is Steve Rogers' friends. His relationships with Black Widow and The Falcon are rich and human and fun. Steve and Sam Wilson have a meet cute that pays off emotionally in the final scenes of the movie, and Natasha's interest in Steve's personal life is sweet and real. Marvel understands that we love these characters and we like it when they like each other; the film eschews easy bickering and goes instead with non-ironic respect. Sam truly respects Steve, and Steve respects Sam's life and choices. They connect as people first, heroes second. 

What did you think?