Richard Donner Confirms A GOONIES Sequel Is Happening; Corey Feldman Double-Confirms

This whole thing is per TMZ and Twitter. 

This weekend, The Goonies director Richard Donner confirmed to TMZ of all places that a sequel is definitely happening. Then Corey Feldman took to Twitter to address the story:

GOONIES 2:FACT OR FICTION? I hav[e] been hounded incessantly since this "rumor" hit the press 24 hrs ago! Literally thousands of tweets [and] FB messages. Unfortunately I can't be the one to GIVE you an official answer, however I will gladly share what I do know. I ran [into] my good friend Dick Donner a few months ago. He told me the exact same thing. I normally wouldn't share that convoersation, but since he made it public, I can verify: the statement as he said "Steven [Spielberg and] I R doin it together", and mentioned something about Chris Columbus helping out. He also said he wanted us all in it. However, I have yet to see a script, so I remain skeptical. As uoi know the idea has been recycled four yrs, but it can't be done w/o a perfect script! We all must be certain that it doesn't miss the magic of the original. That said Dick is one of the few men in this industry yhat I LOVE [and TRUST as he is a great, honest, and Noble man, who has always been there 4 me in my life, and would not tell a lie! So if he says it's close, then I believe they are workin hard to make it the best script possible and if and when they feel confident to share with us, you will know!

So, you know, I'm fine with this. I'm not one of those people who hates The Goonies (like, for instance, Devin). I think it's a nice kids' movie, but certainly not sacred, so I also have no trouble with the idea of a sequel, particularly if Donner, Columbus and Spielberg are all involved. This is the sort of news that inspires neither ire nor joy in me, which I believe leaves me in the minority on the Internet. 

The best part of this video is when the TMZ photographer asks Donner about our glut of superhero movies. "What happened to the art, though?" WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ART, SAYS THE TMZ PAPARAZZO. Yes, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is totally what's wrong with our culture. 

So how do you guys feel about this news? Are you freaking out or just nonchalantly absorbing it?