Movie Review: PROXY Makes Giving Birth Look Fun By Comparison

Evan really did not enjoy this movie.

Almost as soon as Proxy begins, we get to witness a deeply pregnant woman take a brick to the belly about five or six times. Next we see doctors pull her dead baby from her stomach. It is not the feel good movie of the year.

Proxy adheres to narrative tenets that should excite those with more adventurous cinematic tastes. It's very difficult to identify with or like anyone in the film. In fact, the visually mundane characters display such strange and unpredictable behavior that they're nearly impossible to digest. Meanwhile, the film has no problem throwing a lot of curveballs when it comes to assigning protagonist/antagonist roles. Hypothetically, this should be a good thing as it's pretty much impossible to predict where Proxy will take you next.

I don't really know how to explain the film without spoiling anything. A pregnant lady loses her child (via brick), and meets another mourning parent in group counseling. They become good pals. One is a lesbian who likes having sex with strange men. The other's kid seems to be alive and well. And before you can say "huh?" a bunch of really bad stuff happens. And then the movie keeps going for another hour.

With all this unpredictable weirdness, there are definitely people out there who will find something to like while watching Proxy. I sincerely hope they discover it. For my end, I will be very upset if I ever have to watch a moment of this movie again for as long as I live. It's one thing to purposefully make a film hard to like. It's something else entirely to make it really long and boring at the same time.

Proxy offers no real entry point into its story. The horrific act of violence that opens the film will certainly grab your attention, but keeping it proves the much harder trick. This movie is two very long hours of misery that just becomes laughable after a while (this is aided by a poorly executed lesbian ex-con character who grows in importance as the film progresses). Joe Swanberg is in it. You will be shocked to learn he plays a jerk.