X-MEN’s Quicksilver Revealed In Fast Food Ad

Sure, let Carl's Jr have the first look.

When Quicksilver was first revealed on the cover of Empire Magazine (in a roll out that I think, objectively, went on too long and was done poorly), fans collectively groaned. The look was not great. It isn't that Quicksilver is comic-inaccurate, it's that aesthetically he's so weird looking and sort of lame and also makes very little sense as a guy who runs fast. The headphones alone seemed like a pain in the ass when moving at Mach 2. 

But maybe Quicksilver is cool in the movie. Maybe Bryan Singer has a new angle on superspeed that will blow us away. A good idea might have been for Fox to cut a trailer showcasing Quicksilver's powers, right? Or they could have just gone with a Carl's Jr ad where Quicksilver eats a bacon breakfast sandwich.

I'll let you guess which way they went.

I sort of don't get it. It's a weird choice, one that feels decades out of date. There are so many ways and places for Fox to reveal this character to fans that doing it in a fast food TV ad is mind-boggling. It certainly shows where the studio places the characters' value - mostly as a marketing tie-in opportunity, not as an organic part of a major motion picture franchise and storyline. 

Here's hoping that Quicksilver's love of heart-destroying breakfast food is part of the movie. They could steal the thing from DC's Wally West Flash where he has to eat all the time to maintain his super sped up metabolism.