Heroes Lord & Miller Turn Down GHOSTBUSTERS 3

Even these guys couldn't make it work.

Word has been that Sony really wanted Chris Miller and Phil Lord - the geniuses behind The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street - to direct Ghostbusters 3. You can see why. After all, they're great filmmakers with a flawless sense of character in comedy, and they have a reputation as being the guys you bring on to a terrible-sounding idea to make it great. If Lord and MIller had taken the gig even the most skeptical of us would have been forced to become hopeful about this long-dreaded sequel.

Crisis averted! According to The Wrap's Jeff Sneider the duo have walked away from the film. Read it for yourself:


You have to assume that Sony offered these guys all the freedom in the world, so they must feel like it's simply not a great idea. I can understand it on every level, if only because I agree that it does not seem like a great idea. 

Now who does Sony turn to? Can Lord and Miller backing out push this movie over the brink back into development hell?