SOAKED IN BLEACH Brings Back The Ridiculous Kurt Cobain Murder Theory

How could this clearly suicidal, drug-addicted rock star have killed himsef?, new film wonders.

Ever since Kurt Cobain died there have been people who believed Courtney Love did him in. This has exasperated me from the start, and for some pretty simple reasons, not the least of which is: how hard is it to kill a smack addict with a massive overdose? Why would you have to blow his fucking head off? Giving this guy a hot shot would have been just about the easiest goddamn thing in the world.

I think a lot of the theories stem from misogyny; a lot of people never liked Courtney Love. It's Yoko Ono syndrome all over again, blaming a strong woman for perceived failings/problems of her husband. What has happened to Courtney - already a troubled person - in the years after her husband and the father of her child blew his brains out has been sometimes rough to watch, but to deny that she was a strong artist in her own right - Live Through This is straight up one of the best albums of the 1990s - is reductive and unfair. 

Anyway, the theory that Kurt, an avowed depressive with an incurable and undiagnosable stomach ailment that haunted him for years, didn't kill himself but was murdered still sticks around. Some of it comes from the fact that Tom Grant, the PI Courtney Love hired to find Kurt when he went missing, has been cashing in on this despicable story for two decades. And he's back peddling this shit in a new 'docudrama' that examines the suicide using silly-looking recreations.

We already covered this ground in the hilarious doc Kurt & Courtney, and honestly if you want the best possible Kurt Cobain suicide film watch Gus Van Sant's Last Days. 

Soaked in Bleach (yes, that's the name of this movie. Somehow they didn't go with Swear I Don't Have A Gun) is hitting the festival circuit soon.