Watch Wealthy White Women Blog In Awful-Looking New Doc

I do not believe this is a joke.

I've seen this link getting passed around on Twitter for a few hours and I sort of ignored it, thinking everybody's response - "This is hilariously terrible" - meant it was for another tedious, tongue-in-cheek Sharknado type of thing. Thankfully I finally watched it, because the trailer for American Blogger is a for-real, no screwing around, honest to God horrible piece of shit that is played absolutely straight.

The trailer tells us this 'beautiful' and 'cinematic' movie follows some documentarian you never heard of as he travels America in an Airstream interviewing bloggers... who with only one (briefly shown) exception are gorgeous white women who appear to be fairly wealthy. 

This is the face of blogging: blond MILFs lounging about in hammocks on their porches. As a blogger this pretty well reflects my life.

Everything about this trailer - from the premise to the awful fucking music - is hilarious. Please hate-watch this. 

In case the final shot in the trailer - director Chris Weigand looking wistfully off camera at something inspiring as Movie Trailer Voice says this blogging movement could change the world - didn't convince you the guy who made this is insufferable, look at this: