Six Out Of Seven STAR WARS Movies To Feature Tatooine

Badass Digest's Morocco scoop confirmed!

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed at least part of the scoop we ran here last week - Star Wars Episode VII will be returning to Tatooine with shoots in Morocca (the trade says "Morocco-like" place, but I don't know what that's supposed to mean). 

This officially makes Tatooine the most important planet in the Star Wars galaxy, despite it being described as the world farthest from the bright center of it. It turns out you can go home again... and again, and again, and again. The Hollywood Reporter article adds little new information but does say that there will be an 'extensive' recreation of Tatooine, so it's possible the desert planet will be making more than a cameo. My sources indicated the same thing, making it sound like they'd bee shooting there for a couple of weeks. 

Metaphorically this speaks to me - it's a retread of the most familiar ground possible, which I think could be telling us a lot about Episode VII. It doesn't mean it'll be bad, just that we're likely in for a nostalgia tour in this movie. The metaphor continues when you realize that, for many fans, Star Wars itself represents nostalgia they can't leave behind. They never left home (mentally speaking) and so neither does the series.