The TIMECOP Reboot Gets A Couple Writers

Neither can do the splits, though.

We first heard news of Universal's Timecop reboot almost a year ago. My opinion on the project remains the same as it was back then: I really like Timecop, but why not remake it? Who doesn't want to see a badass copper travel through time? I can live without the mullet.

A year is a long time, long enough to forget this film is even happening in the first place. But now it has writers. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mark and Brian Gunn of Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandĀ fameĀ have been hired to write the film. Marc Shmuger will produce. His last name used to be "Muger," but people sardonically used Muger Shmuger on him so much that the Sh stuck.

I don't know from Journey 2, or Journey 1 for that matter, so this news has little bearing on the project in my eyes. We'll just have to wait and see which form of bland this ends up taking: awful Total Recall or just barely not awful RoboCop. The key will be whether or not they cast Paul F. Tompkins and rename it Time Bobby like they should.