Benedict Cumberbatch Among Thousands Of Actors Not Appearing In STAR WARS

That is not a photo of Tilda Swinton.

Everyone wants Benedict Cumberbatch to be in the new Star Wars film. This is largely due to his regal villainous stature, but also because he's already starred in one Jay Jaybrums Star Wars movie. On top of that, movie fans sometimes lack imagination when it comes to casting. Sorry movie fans!

This combination of elements leads people to hound poor Cumber's Batch to no end about his involvement in the film. All of which he denies. Today brought a new denial via a Q&A between fans and Cumberbatch at the OzComicCon. Here's the denial in second-hand tweet form:

But that is not enough! Cumberbatch was very deceptive about his Star Trek Into Darkness character's identity. And while I would never accuse an actor of being a liar, I am pretty sure this guy's pants are fah-laming. Whether that's from lying or something more innocent I leave up to you. I mean just look at the wording. By ending with the word "sadly," is he saying he's sad to miss out, or does it mean it will happen, just not in a sad fashion?

This means Cumberbatch is now dammed to answer this question over and over again until the film comes out. That's doubly true if it turns out he's in Star Wars after all. He will spend the rest of his days denying fan-casting rumors from a number of franchises. This is why honesty is always the best policy. Lying may help you in the immediate future, but its long-term consequences will eat you alive.