Marvel’s AGENT CARTER Show Could Hit ABC This Winter

Hesitant excitement abounds!

It wasn't that long ago that we all heard about ABC getting Marvel's Agents of SHIELD TV show. Most of us thought that sounded pretty cool. Most of us now feel kind of embarrassed about it.

We still don't know of Agents of Shield will come back for a second season, but people at Deadline believe it has a good shot of coming back. And not alone!

Along with a second season of Agents of SHIELD, ABC might also finally get the long-rumored Agent Carter show going. Anyone who has seen the Agent Carter Marvel One-Shot knows this is good news. Anyone who has seen Agents of SHIELD knows that good news doesn't always end with good views. (sorry)

But still. I can't help but get a little excited. The proposed plan is for both shows to run at the same time, with Agent Carter picking up Agents of SHIELD's timeslot when it starts its winter break. After the winter break is over I'm not really sure what they'll do, but if they run them on top of each other that would be pretty cool.

Agent Carter has a finished script and Hayley Atwell's contract has been extended, so this whole thing seems pretty likely. The show would hit the air without having to go through any pilot phase.