Michael Bay To Make TRANSFORMERS 4 More Intolerable By Putting Imagine Dragons On The Soundtrack

Did Bay consult with the torturers at Abu Ghraib?

There's no way to really decide which is the worst band recording today. The field is so full of candidates you can become overwhelmed. But even so, there are a few bands that demand attention when talking about who is the worst, and Imagine Dragons will not be ignored. 

Horrible, commercial-ready music mixed at a monotonous level and with repetitive, uninspired hooks that seem to have been calculated by an inhuman earworm algorithm, Imagine Dragons are best known for their insufferable hit Radioactive. Sometimes when I fly American Airlines they play a muzak version of this song during boarding and I swear I pray for sweet death. I just want the refueling to go wrong and the plane to explode on the tarmac and for my eardrums to be cleansed by holy fire. That's how bad they are. 

So of course they're ideal for the soundtrack of Transformers: Age of Extinction. This band, for people who find Black Eyed Peas a little too edgy, has been spotted working with Steve Jablonsky on the score for the new film. They're probably writing some end credits stuff, like Linkin Park did for the last films - so if you were wondering who could out-bad Linkin Park when it came to the next Transformers, here's your answer.