Samuel L Jackson’s Zeus Could Be Back In DIE HARD 6

Early script rumors have Zeus teaming up with John McClane again.

After the disastrous last two Die Hard films what could get me interested in this franchise again? Well, how about bringing back Zeus, the wonderful character played by Samuel L. Jackson in Die Hard With A Vengeance? According to Latino Review's El Mayimbe that's exactly what's up with the next film in the series:


That's great news, as the chemistry those two had (even if it soured on Unbreakable) is something the series has been sorely missing. Of course putting Sam L into a movie isn't a sure recipe for success - he phones it in for a paycheck just as much as Bruce Willis at times - but I suspect this character could rouse him to his strong levels (see the difference in Nick Fury in different Marvel films - he's clearly more engaged in some films than others). 

Now here's where we leave the scoop and get to speculation that is irresponsible at best. The other thing that could get me interested in a Die Hard 6 would be the return of John McTiernan, who directed the classic first and third films (ie, the good ones). McTiernan just got out of jail and could probably use the work. This would be a triumphant return for the director who, I think, got a bum rap from the courts. McTiernan returning, Sam L back? That's a movie I'd be psyched to check out.