One Way To Go Viral: Humiliate Yourself On Stage Singing A Song About Social Media

Warning: not for the easily embarrassed.

The video above is real. It's from Social Media Marketing World, a trade show for social media professionals where you probably learn lessons like "Don't tweet pictures of women with model airplanes in their vaginas from your US Airways Twitter account," and it's a place where everybody's thinking about how to spread their message and brand virally across the internet. 

One way: sing a song about social media that's so bad, so awful, so lame, that everybody feels compelled to share it and laugh. To make it really stick add an old white guy doing a rap at the end. 

Yes, I know this song is sort of tongue in cheek. That doesn't make it any less worse. There's nothing more cringeworthy than marketing people trying to be hip and fun because they are not hip and they are not fun. 

I do love the singer's white girl dance, her two feet planted firmly in one place like she's encased in concrete shoes. 

Let's get social! SOCIAL! With social media!