The FRIDAY THE 13TH Movie No One Wants Has A Director

Maybe it won't be so bad?

The Wrap reports that the kind of awesome David Bruckner, known for The Signal and the "Amateur Night" segment from V/H/S, will direct the next Friday the 13th movie. Which means there's totally going to be another Friday the 13th movie.

Normally that would be good news, especially since the last Friday the 13th wasn't that bad at all. But rumors still abound that this entry will utilize a found footage aesthetic, something that really seems like a slap in the face to series fans. Even if they happen to like found footage, I doubt many of them like the idea of mixing it up with Jason action.

Right now we just don't know if this movie is going to go in that direction or not. If it does, that means the Friday the 13th series will finally have its Halloween Resurrection. Yay! Every milestone deserves celebration.