COLD IN JULY Trailer Looks Decent In April

Do not try to rob Michael C. Hall, criminals.

A lot of reactions ran through me as I watched this trailer for Cold in July, the new film from Stakeland and We Are What We Are director Jim Mickle.

One, countrified Michael C. Hall reminds me of Joe Swanberg for some reason. Two, it would really suck to live somewhere with cold Julys. Three, I'll never understand why people liked Mickle's We Are What We Are remake so much.

Four, "Nah, the guy you shot does have family, but he's only a convicted felon who just got out on parole. I wouldn't worry about it" made me roll my eyes. Five, I would shit my pants if Sam Shepard were after me for killing his son.

Six, HOLY SHIT DON JOHNSON AS SOME KIND OF HILLBILLY BADASS. Seven, there's crazy cop conspiracy stuff going down. Eight, I guess this movie could be interesting after all.

IFC Films will put out Cold in July on May 23. Not even in July. Poor form, IFC. Poor form.