Don't set her on fire, either.

I don't know that this was expected. I don't know that this is wanted. I just know that this is.

A Mrs. Doubtfire 2 is being developed. It's not just some DTV romp, either. Both Robin Williams and Chris Columbus are part of the deal. It won't happen for a while because Columbus is working one Adam Sandler's Pixels. But it's probably going to happen. The only way out of this is death.

For those who don't know. Mrs. Doubtfire is about a bad dad who becomes a good dad by sneaking back into his house in the guise of an old maid. This was more than twenty years ago, so Williams will no longer have to age up her makeup.

I have to assume Mrs. Doubtfire will visit a different family this time as the first film ended with everyone getting wise to his shit. Or maybe one of his kids asks him to save his bad family. Or maybe Williams needs to use Mrs. Doubtfire to get a job or something. Or maybe he just accepts who he is and must learn to stop worrying about what the world thinks of his cross-dressing ways. I don't know. Hopefully, I will never know.

No word yet on whether Pierce Brosnan plans to return.