Danny Boyle And Leonardo DiCaprio Help Keep Nutso STEVE JOBS Movie Nutso

Finally, an actor beautiful enough to capture the real Steve Jobs.

After David Fincher's exodus from Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic, everyone wants to know who will take his place. The Hollywood Reporter thinks it could be Danny Boyle. They also think Danny Boyle thinks Leonardo DiCaprio might want to star as Steve Jobs. Up in Heaven, Steve Jobs is like high-fiving angels telling them, "I told you I looked like the guy from Titanic, you motherfuckers."

This is all in the "talks" and "approached" stage of things, so who knows. But there's no doubt that Leonardo DiCaprio would play a hilarious Steve Jobs. I can picture it now, and I already love it. You know that bulldog-face thing he does when he gets real angry. That's going to be beautiful.

As for Danny Boyle, the director certainly isn't boring, and one can understand how they jumped to him from someone like Fincher. Unlike Fincher, however, Boyle's touch isn't strong enough to elevate a truly bad film, so we'll just have to hope this is one of those fortunate matches that happens to align well. If it even goes down with Boyle and DiCaprio, that is.