Paul Walker’s Brothers Show Up On The FAST 7 Set

Vin Diesel shares a pic of the Walker boys, stepping in for their late brother.

Fast & Furious 7 is back in production following a long hiatus after the tragic death of Paul Walker. The cast and crew are picking up the pieces and finishing the film, and Paul Walker's brothers are an integral part of that. They're going to be acting as doubles and stand-ins for their brother as the final scenes of the film are shot. How that's going to work is unclear, how much CGI will be used is unknown, but Vin Diesel has posted a pic from the set and I'll be honest - it looks like this plan could work.

The taller of the Walker boys isn't exactly a ringer for Paul, but the shorter one - man, I could be easily fooled. 

This makes me wonder how we're all going to view this movie. Is everybody going to go super easy on it, since the film is part of a beloved series and is struggling with the loss of a lead? Or will we all be hyper-critical of anything that seems icky or weird? Surely having the Walker brothers involved is a great way to guarantee that Paul's memory is being treated respectfully.