Likable People Sarah Chalke And Jay Chandrasekhar Have A New TV Show

It's called REALLY. Really. 

Broken Lizard's Jay Chandrasekhar is writing, directing and starring in a new Amazon sitcom called Really, and cool ladies Sarah Chalke and Selma Blair are joining him, as are Her's Luka Jones, Chalke's Scrubs co-star Travis Schuldt, Bring It On's Lindsay Sloane, Bachelorette's Hayes Macarthur and Young Adult's Collette Wolfe. The premise sounds quite a bit like Happy Endings, to be honest: 

Really, which was quietly picked up to pilot more than a month ago, revolves around a social and opinionated group of thirtysomething friends in Chicago. It centers on two of them, happily, messily married neurologist Jed (Chandrasekhar) and lawyer/mom Lori (Chalke). Their group of friends includes Fred (Jones) and his wife Joanna (Blair), Mike (Schuldt) and his wife Margaret (Sloane) as well as Hayes (Macarthur) and his significant other Alison (Wolfe). The dynamic in the group changes forever when Jed accidentally catches Mike and Joanna having a sexual liaison.

(I'm annoyed at Chalke's epithet of "lawyer/mom." Why isn't Chandrasekhar described as "neurologist/dad"? PATRIARCHY!!!)

While the premise sounds familiar at best, I've long since realized that ensemble sitcom concepts are nothing next to charisma. Many of the best sitcoms are just "group of friends live in city," and it's up to the actors and writers to make the show stand out. Chandrasekhar has written some very funny stuff and some very dumb stuff, and I like all of these actors anywhere from somewhat to quite a bit, so I'd say Really has a 50/50 chance of being good. I'll give it that chance and at least watch the first couple of episodes to see how it pans out. Mostly for Sarah Chalke, whose next perfect project is out there somewhere, I'm sure of it.