AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Beats JURASSIC WORLD In Director Chair Pic Competition

Both movies revealed director's chairs, and one was fun. 

Entertainment Weekly has debuted the first images from Jurassic World, now shooting in Hawaii and they're... really underwhelming. I always appreciate a photo of Bryce Dallas Howard, but the other two - a truck with a crumpled door and a director's chair - are about as dull as dirt. The movie is shooting using at least partially animatronic dinosaurs, so why not show one of those? Or some sort of shot that gives us a sense of anything more than Howard's haircut? I normally wouldn't even note this, but producer Frank Marshall took to Twitter to promote this over the last day, so people were kind of expecting something more. 

Compare this director's chair reveal to what Robert Downey Jr tweeted from the set of The Avengers: Age of Ultronwhere the entire Avengers team gathered for their first shooting day together.

That's fun!

This, of course, tells us nothing about either production. Jurassic World could well be awesome, and I hope it is. It's simply a reflection of very different marketing in action. To see the rest of the Jurassic World images go to Entertainment Weekly