Badass Trivia Night: The Quickening

We're bringing it back May 7th at Jumpcut Cafe!

We did the first Badass Trivia Night at the Jumpcut Cafe a couple of months ago and it was a huge hit! So of course we followed it up by not having another one. The reality is that I just couldn't fit the trivia night into a schedule that included a ton of travel and other busy-ness. But the calendar has cleared and we're making it official:

Trivia Night 2 is coming May 7th at 8pm, once again at Jumpcut Cafe in Studio City. 

We'll have a team sign-up tomorrow on our Facebook page; last game's winning team, The Lone Rangers, is guaranteed a spot this time should they like to play. 

Do you represent a brand or product or something cool? Would you like to be involved in Badass Trivia as a sponsor who supplies prizes? We had almost a hundred movie-loving trivia types show up last time, and our coverage got a lot of attention - make your book, comic, record or movie a part of the next one. Email me at devin at to talk about getting involved with prizing!