Devin Invades Fogelnest Files, ScreenJunkies

Your Badass-in-Chief makes guest appearances galore today!

I'm in the Denver airport on my way to the Stanley Film Festival (great fest, wonderful airport) and I noticed that my plan for media domination has succeeded. Today I am appearing not only on the latest episode of The Fogelnest Files, Jake Fogelnest's great podcast on the Earwolf network, I'm also on ScreenJunkies! The Fogelnest Files is an audio podcast, so click here and listen and fantasize about me and Jake chatting each other up. We talk about Jodorowsky's Dune before diving into a talk about my whole damned career.

ScreenJunkies is video, so you can get a good look at me and my co-panelists, Erin Robinson of Clevver Movies and Kristian Harfoff of Schmoes Know as we debate the upcoming summer movies. We've helpfully embedded the video below so you don't even have to leave the warm confines of Badass Digest to watch.