Rejoice: Monty Python’s Final (Sort Of) Live Reunion Headed to Theaters

There is hope, America.

Late last year we learned that the surviving members of Monty Python (John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Terry Jones, along with "honorary Python" Carol Cleveland) were reuniting for a few new projects, one of which would be a series of live stage shows at London's O2 Arena. The announcement called the show "a final reunion, sort of" and was slated to begin on July 1st, 2014. This was undoubtedly great news for anyone with the means to travel to London. The rest of us were just kinda bummed to be missing it.

Today, however, there is hope.  Picturehouse Entertainment is bringing our bummery (not a real word, yet feels totally acceptable given the topic) to an end. Per Deadline:

The surviving members of legendary comedy troupe Monty Python are reuniting for a series of live stage shows at London’s O2 Arena this July. On July 20, the last show of the “final reunion, sort of” will be broadcast to cinemas around the UK, as well as the U.S., Australia, Russia and Sweden.  UK’s Picturehouse Entertainment... has acquired the international distribution rights to beam the show to the world. 

The group said today, “Thanks to the wonderful invention of moving pictures, The Last Night of Monty Python is coming to a cinema near you. Get your knotted handkerchiefs out and warm your brains one last time at any one of 450 cinemas across the UK, and 1,500 across the world. Join the crowd live from London’s O2 in a final weepy, hilarious, uproarious, outrageous, farewell to the five remaining Pythons as they head for The Old Jokes Home ….on the big screen, in HD.” 

While there's no telling what these shows will entail (will they be the same every night? A jukebox-style revue of older sketches? A mixture of classics peppered with new bits?), the fact that people outside the UK are going to get a chance to find out more than qualifies this development as great news. My suggestion? Try to see it at a Drafthouse theater so you don't end up sitting next to some assclown who insists on shrieking "Ni! Ni!" at the screen every ten seconds.