Would Watch: Lifetime Making Reality Show About Nuns

Oh god.

Following their totally-not-fake-at-all reality show Breaking Amish, the same production company is now making a reality show about young nuns at Lifetime called The Sisterhood, which sounds like the title of a soapy Lifetime movie from the '90s about murder in a sorority or something. Actually, I think I saw that movie. It probably starred Sarah Chalke or Tiffani Amber Thiessen. Or both.

The Sisterhood will follow young women who are contemplating joining a convent and are in the "discernment" phase, which is when young people in the Catholic Church consider which vocation best suits them: married life, single life, religious life or ordained life. The show will follow the women as they live at a convent and make their final decision before entering into the order - traditionally, once a woman decides to become a nun, she then has a test period called "postulancy" that lasts for six months, before living at a monastery for one to two years without taking the vows. After that period, she can take temporary vows and live there for a few years before taking her permanent vows. It's all created to ensure the women are certain this is the life that's best for them.

During the discernment phase, women don't usually live at the convent, but that wouldn't make for good reality TV, would it?

Also, The Sisterhood isn't a great title. I'd prefer something like Getting in the Habit, or Nun of Your Business - something more punny and less serious. Or maybe, like, taking bad girls who want to become nuns and calling it Twisted Sister. And there better be a Sister Act themed competition episode where the girls have to show off their vocal skills or else I am not even watching this show.