Disney Is Slowly Realizing a BOBA FETT Movie Might Be A Dumb Idea

Rumors of script trouble plague the STAR WARS spin-off movie.

Making Star Wars spin-off movies might be easier said than done. Rumors have hit the web that Disney higher-ups have been taking serious meetings to talk about the problems with the proposed Boba Fett movie. 

The problem? Well, if the rumors are true it's exactly what we all pinpointed as the problem: how do you maintain this character's mystique and coolness after he has a whole movie to himself? He barely made it out of the Prequel Trilogy intact, and that's largely just because you can forget that the little cute kid in those movies is actually the deadly bounty hunter. 

And so the executives (and Larry Kasdan) have been sitting down trying to crack this nut while keeping Fett the character that fans adore. I don't know why they're having such a hard time, as I have their story:

Boba Fett is hired to apprehend and deliver a target. This isn't a disintegration mission. But capturing the target - a likable, motormouthed type to offset Fett's terseness - is the easiest part. Then Fett has to bring his package to his employer while all the other bounty hunters are trying to snatch the target from him. Basically it's Midnight Run with Star Wars bounty hunters. 

I'll take a piece of the back end, Disney.