MAD MAX Game Trailer Promises Post-Apocalyptic PIMP MY RIDE

Yo dawg, we heard you liked misanthropic views of the future.

There's a game based on Mad Max coming out this next year. Little is known about it apart from the fact that it will be an open-world vehicular and third-person action-adventure game from the makers of the Just Cause series. All that information has me excited.

A trailer exclusively promoting car customisation does not.

Seriously, for all the grimy vehicle design shown in this trailer, it feels cynical when every other shot has the West Coast Customs logo emblazoned across it. In this version of Mad Max, the post-apocalyptic future where gasoline is the world's most precious commodity is apparently ruled by the same people who install 18-inch rims and LED lighting strips in some young asshole's Honda. If we're lucky, the classic Interceptor will have hydraulic suspension and do that stupid dancing-car thing whenever an achievement gets unlocked. The auto-erotic crowd being marketed to here should love it.

Another gripe: the desert landscape shown here is significantly more American than it is Australian, and there's not an Aussie accent to be heard either (though granted, it's all narration). Removing the Down Under attitude from Mad Max would be a disappointing middle finger to a series that helped define the Ozploitation era. It also looks too po-faced thus far, lacking the misanthropic whimsy and over-the-top kitbashed art direction that fueled the films. But then again, we still don't really know what this game is yet. Future trailers, and yea, even the game itself, may yet shed light upon this mystery.

Plus, there's still the new movie coming next year from Babe: Pig In The City (and Mad Max) director George Miller. That, I can get behind.

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