Maybe WOLFCOP’s Fake Bad Can Be Sort Of Good?

Half wolf, half man, half cop, all joke.

These kitchy, fake-Grindhouse type movies are usually pretty irritating, but sometimes a good one manages to come out. If this trailer is any indication, I have a slight feeling Wolfcop might be one of these good examples of the sorry subgenre.

See, it's a one-joke concept. He's a werewolf cop. That sort of thing sounds cool but really makes a better one-sheet than feature film. But for a one-joke movie, this trailer has a surprising number of actual joke-jokes. Like four of them. Plus, there appears to be for real sleaze!

So I don't know. It can be nice to get a bunch of drunken pals together and watch this sort of movie. When it finally comes out (unknown in America, but it hits Canada June 6), maybe Wolfcop can live up to that very low standard.