The New BEN-HUR Gets Holy New Producers And A Sexy Release Date

"Hur?" - Michael Bluth

Have you ever hurd of Ben-Hur? It's this really old movie where a guy races horses. The main actor in it was a total gun nut when he was alive. They say stunt people fell off the horses and you can see them get trampled to death when you watch it on your phone or iPad. Pretty low class, really.

Luckily, some really good people are remaking it for today's audiences. Timur Bekmambetov is directing the film, but more importantly, it just added producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downy. They produced that The Bible miniseries for the History Channel and Son of God for the Instantly Forgotten History Channel. So you know it's going to be done right this time.

Mark Burnett will just regular produce alongside such household names as Sean Daniel and Joni Leven. Roma Downy, however, will executive produce with Keith Clark and John Ridley (both of whom also wrote) as well as Jason F. Brown. That's a lot of people, which means this film will be produced off its ass.

These fine folks won't actually be remaking the 1959 Ben-Hur because they don't have the rights. Instead they'll tackle the 1880 novel, Ben-Hur: A Tale of Christ, written by Lew Wallace. It's really old. So it's free. Have you seen collection plates lately?

You can start organizing your bus loads of suckers now. The film comes out February 26, 2016, so you're already a little behind schedule.