This HEAVEN IS FOR REAL Twitter Account Is Either Hilarious Or Despicable

Hint: It's hilarious.

Even if you're not the church-going type, it's likely that Randall Wallace's Heaven Is For Real has made its way onto your radar by now. The film (based on Rev. Todd Burpo's succinctly-titled Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back) has been in release for going on two weeks, a stretch of time during which the $12m film has managed to triple its budget. The film's stunning success is just as believable as the story that inspired it.

For the uninitiated, Heaven Is For Real tells the ostensibly true story of Colton Burpo (son of the book's author, Rev. Todd, not to be confused with Rev. Run), who went into emergency surgery back in 2003, only to be declared "clinically dead" before snapping out of it and claiming to have spent the interim in Heaven. Colton, then aged 4, described meeting dead relatives (including his miscarried sister) as well as Jesus H. Christ, the latter of which was riding "a rainbow-colored horse."

The real Colton Burpo would now be 14 years old (Earth-time), so it's entirely possible that he'd set up a Twitter account for himself in order to further spread his story and promote the film based on his experience. But the person behind the @TheColtonBurpo Twitter account probably isn't that Colton Burpo. That Colton Burpo, though equally believable, is probably another kind of Colton Burpo altogether.

Things start out innocuously enough on April 19th. Young master Burpo arrives on Twitter and begins promoting the film.

But then...

...slowly but surely...

...things start to take a turn for the weird.

Between otherwise innocuous, totally believable tweets wishing followers a happy Easter and requests to see the film based on "his" experience, @TheColtonBurpo begins threading a series of progressively troubling (and hilarious) non-sequiturs about his time served in Heaven. These range from the unfortunately phrased and somewhat off-putting... the hilariously untrue and potentially actionable... The Omen.

Whether or not you'll want to follow @TheColtonBurpo for further shenanigans will depend entirely upon how funny you think this is. If nothing else, I would strongly recommending heading over to "Colton's" page to peruse his entire Tweet history (as of this writing, it's sitting around 75 posts). Here are a few more of my favorites, for the road:

End Note: Tip o' the hat to our own Jordan Hoffman (@JHoffman), without whom I would have been totally unaware this was happening.