You Can (And Should) Watch REVIEW Season One On YouTube Right Now

Enter the sad, sad world of Forrest MacNeil.

If you haven't been watching Andy Daly's incredible Comedy Central show, Review, you now officially have no excuse. In anticipation of the show's season finale, the entire first season has been released on YouTube. You can find it here.

The show is great. Andy Daly plays a "life reviewer" named Forrest MacNeil who hosts a television show which tasks him with reviewing whatever experiences people ask him about. It generally does not go well for him. For instance, in one episode, a viewer asks him to review what it's like to eat 15 pancakes. The next asks him what it's like to get divorced. Then, when poor Forrest can't get any lower, a viewer asks him what it's like to eat 30 pancakes. MacNeil does his best to meet these tasks with as much enthusiasm as possible, even though they're clearly destroying him. The series' special beauty comes from both Andy Daly's amazing performance and the wonderful continuity from episode to episode.

It's honestly not a very nice show, and I actually stopped watching it because the sight of MacNeil's life falling apart due to his steadfast commitment to reviewing things became a little too difficult to watch. But I am going to drink and binge-watch my ass off tonight. When I'm done, I will be missing two asses total. And you should too.