Badass Trivia Sign-up Is Today!

2pm Pacific time, on our Facebook page!

It's here! Sign-up for Badass Trivia II: The Quickening (being held May 7th at Jumpcut Cafe in Studio City) will happen at 2pm Pacific on our Facebook page.

This system is still not ideal, but we're trying to make it better. Here's how to sign up:

1) Post your team name in the thread that will appear on our Facebook page at 2. I don't need the names of your teammates, just register the team. You will have between now and May 7th to get your team together. That means you can sign up now and figure out your team later. Teams will be capped at four players. 

2) The Lone Rangers, who won the last game in a tie-breaker round, will have an automatic spot in the next game. Lone Rangers: you don't need to sign up.

3) We will be holding one wild card spot; the team that gets that spot will be announced later in the week. This is because last time sign up filled in MINUTES, leaving some teams way out in the cold.