GODZILLA Asian Trailer: Flying Kaiju Alert!!!

"Let them fight."

How excited am I for Godzilla? So excited that I don't care how many times I hear Bryan Cranston speak cryptically about government/monster secrecy action. It always remains compelling.

But that's not why this Asian trailer which just dropped on the Godzilla Facebook page is so awesome. Nope, this trailer is awesome because it gives us small, but still great, looks at BOTH of Godzilla's Kaiju opponents. One, the Cloverfield-looking guy we saw a toy for not too long ago. And two, a flying monster of some kind. Is it Rodan? Who cares. Rodan sucks. Is it super exciting? Yep! Especially when we see it flying right toward Godzilla's open mouth and this movie grows more and more likely to deliver the Godzilla experience we've all been waiting for.

You can of course watch the trailer, but I've included a few of the more exciting screencaps below. I am so, so, so pumped for this film.

Just look at this motherfucker!