Here Are The Teams For Badass Trivia!

Did your team make the cut? 

We have the official list of teams that made into Badass Trivia on May 7th at JumpCut Cafe in Studio City. It's a lucky 13 teams, plus one returning champion team and one wildcard team!

2. Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
3. Wyld Stallyns
4. Fake Shemps
5. Project Mayhem
6. Oh Paul We Can No Longer Stall
7. Keep The Change You Filthy Animals
8. The Silver Shamrocks
9. Aggressive Foreplay
10. The Team With No Name
11. Josh And The Holograms
12. Lando System
13. Eaglebauer Enterprises
14. Setec Astronomy
15. Kickers Inc 

Congrats to everyone whose team made the cut. If your team didn't make the cut: don't worry! Not all of these teams are fully staffed. If you're looking for a team, or if your team needs members, post below or on the Facebook thread.