Here Is The STAR WARS Cast

Andy Serkis, Max von Sydow and Oscar Isaac join familiar rumored names John Boyega and Adam Driver.

John Boyega
Daisy Ridley
Adam Driver
Oscar Isaac
Andy Serkis
Domhnall Gleeson
Max von Sydow
Harrison Ford
Carrie Fisher
Mark Hamill
Anthony Daniels
Peter Mayhew
Kenny Baker

That's your Star Wars Episode VII cast, pictured above doing the table read we told you about yesterday.

Many of these names are familiar, but a few are surprises - is Andy Serkis doing mocap? Is Max von Sydow a bad guy? Who the heck is Daisy Ridley? 

John Boyega has me psyched. I love this kid, and I hope this means good things. I'd rather not see Oscar Isaac get caught up in the Star Wars stuff - he's just too good and this series seems to overwhelm the careers of too many actors. Adam Driver is fine, although it'll be interesting to see how his very, very modern style fits into this universe.

What do you think?