Danny Strong To Write And Direct JD Salinger Biopic

SALINGER'S WAR!!!!! (Number of exclamations marks expected to change.)

JD Salinger was a known recluse, so his spirit will be happy to know that he will be the subject of an upcoming biopic called Salinger's War!!!!! that will surely net some actor an Oscar.

But his spirit won't be happy right away. At first, his spirit is going to have a hard time with the news. But then when his spirit learns that it will be written and directed by Danny Strong, and once his spirit guide explains that Danny Strong was once a nerdy actor on a show called Buffy The Vampire Slayer but then went on to write hard-hitting, meticulously researched political dramas like Lee Daniels' The Butler and therefore proves that none of us should be defined by our earlier works, he will smile down upon the project with glee.

Plus, it will have action! Strong has personally optioned Kenneth Slawewski's JD Salinger: A Life but plans to focus his film on Salinger's WWII experiences and how it changed him as a writer. So I'm betting at least one gun goes off before the film ends. This ain't your Grandpa's biopic, folks.